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ClusterVision Awarded Contract to Deliver Scandinavia’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

8 May 2018|0 Comments

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands & LINKÖPING, Sweden - May 8, 2018 -- Sweden’s National Supercomputing Centre (NSC) at Linköping University has awarded ClusterVision, one of Europe’s dedicated high performance computing (HPC) specialists, the contract to commission

NSC to install Scandinavia’s most powerful supercomputer

17 April 2018|0 Comments

"This summer, Swedish researchers will gain access to significantly higher computing power when the most powerful computer in the Nordic region, Tetralith, is installed at the National Supercomputer Centre, NSC, at Linköping University. The

ClusterVision Delivers Powerful GPU Cluster at ASTRON

20 January 2018|0 Comments

ClusterVision, Europe's dedicated specialist in high performance computing solutions, has announced the successful completion of a new high performance computing GPU cluster system for the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON). The 2 PFLOPS

Impact of Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities on HPC

15 January 2018|0 Comments

Two security vulnerabilities in modern CPUs have recently been publicised, causing widespread concern in the computing industry. This is because the vulnerabilities are hardware-based and therefore have a potentially very broad impact which cannot

Enabling Scientific Discovery through HPC at the University of Hull

28 November 2017|0 Comments

High performance computing (HPC) enables faster and more robust scientific discovery by significantly enhancing data processing capability. The University of Hull has appropriately named their cluster Viper to reflect this speed and power. For

Intel Omni-Path Architecture Fabric, the Choice of Leading HPC Institutions

10 November 2016|0 Comments

"Many of the major HPC system OEMs integrating large and scalable machines have adopted the Intel fabric for their deployments. These include [...] Clustervision in Europe [...]. 'One is not enough' is a comment

ClusterVision is part of SUPC’s SSSNA Framework

1 November 2016|0 Comments

ClusterVision has joined the Servers, Storage & Solutions National Agreement Framework, also known as the SSSNA Framework, that has been published today by the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC). As a Lot 3B supplier, we

University of Hull’s Viper in Scientific Computing

26 July 2016|0 Comments

This year, ClusterVision designed and integrated a state of the art HPC cluster at the University of Hull. This cluster, nicknamed Viper, uses elements of the Intel Scalable System Framework, namely the latest Intel Broadwell

HPC clusters managed by Trinity on optimised UberCloud containers provide compromiseless HPC in the Cloud

10 March 2016|0 Comments

“High-Performance Computing in the Cloud? That does not really work for real number crunching.” That was the general opinion for a long time in the HPC community. Then Docker came along. Its containers solved some

University of Nottingham Research Centres invest in central HPC service provided by ClusterVision in preference to rolling their own

5 January 2016|0 Comments

Have you ever seen the Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”? The Wayne Manor was actually a castle in Nottingham in the U.K. Apart from movies there is a lot of history attached to this respectable old town.

ClusterVision supercomputer helps the Swedish National Supercomputing Centre in Linköping provide accurate weather prediction to both Sweden and Norway

16 December 2015|0 Comments

Almost a year has passed since the Swedish National Supercomputing Centre in Linköping (NSC) took delivery of a ClusterVision supercomputer to run weather forecasts and research code for the Swedish met office SMHI. Time to return to Linköping and

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