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30 November 2009

CD-adapco Uses ClusterVision Clusters with Bright Cluster Manager

ClusterVision, specialist in supercomputer clusters, is pleased to announce that the market leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, CD-adapco, is using clusters from ClusterVision with Bright Cluster Manager™ as the prefered cluster management software for its in-house High Performance Computing (HPC).

The Linux HPC clusters were delivered to CD-adapco's UK and France offices by ClusterVision and are based on Dell servers and Panasas storage. CD-adapco is using the clusters to test its applications, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD, and to run simulations for its consultancy business. The cluster management software used on the clusters is Bright Cluster Manager from Bright Computing.

"Our partnership with ClusterVision and Bright Computing has greatly helped us to setup our new cluster in a short time frame and their support engineers have been responsive and helpful," added Dr Christian Fauchier, researcher at CD-adapco France.

"Bright Cluster Manager is a comprehensive cluster management solution that provides all the functionality that we need here at CD-adapco. Our key applications — STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD — were easy to install and run well on the cluster," said Philip Jones, Euro IT Director at CD-adapco. "Bright Cluster Manager has many features that make it easy for us to manage the cluster and allow us to focus on running our CFD and CAE applications. For example, the image based provisioning makes it very easy to tailor software images and propagate changes to the compute nodes."

Bright Cluster Manager™ is a Linux-based cluster management software solution specifically designed to make HPC clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers a consistent access to all management and monitoring functionality for the cluster administrators. Its HPC user environment provides a comprehensive range of HPC software development tools for the cluster users.

About CD-adapco
CD-adapco is the world's largest independent CFD focused CAE provider. Their core products are the simulation packages STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD. The scope of their activities, however, extends well beyond CFD software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in CFD and FEA. CD-adapco has more than 28 years of experience in delivering industrial strength engineering simulation to a wide range of industries and application areas. They have over 7000 users of their software, working at 3000 different companies, spending in total over $80 million on their software and services. CD-adapco's main centers are in New York, London and Yokohama. They have subsidiary offices and distributors throughout the world providing local CFD software support, training and CFD/CAE consultancy and engineering services.

About ClusterVision
ClusterVision is specialist in the design, implementation and support of small- and large-scale computer clusters. Their clustering technology provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional supercomputers by connecting multiple computers to form a unified powerful computing system. ClusterVision's team of experts has designed and built some of the largest and most complex computational, storage and database clusters in Europe. With a background in applied scientific research and practical experience with a wide range of HPC technologies, the team understands customers' requirements and provides tailor-made solutions. ClusterVision has offices in Amsterdam, Gloucester (UK), Munich, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Oslo and Madrid.

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