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20 July 2010

ClusterVision Delivers 33 TeraFLOPs Supercomputer to the University of Groningen

ClusterVision, specialist in high performance compute, storage and database clusters, has delivered one of the Netherlands' fastest supercomputers to the University of Groningen. The supercomputer's 3280 AMD Opteron processor cores and 132 TeraByte of storage will be used by scientists at the university to boost research in various fields of science, including Informatics, Chemistry, Medicine and Genetics. With a theoretical peak performance of more than 33 billion operations per second, it ranks amongst the fastest supercomputers in the world according to today's TOP500 list.

"Research has a top priority at the University of Groningen. With this new supercomputer from ClusterVision we are able to offer a very powerful service to our user community and support them in achieving their research goals," said Professor Dr. Cees Sterks, General Director of the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology at the University of Groningen.

Hans Gankema, Manager Server Infrastructure, adds "Our new High Performance Compute (HPC) cluster 'Millipede' is a real compute monster and it is the fastest HPC cluster in any Dutch University. ClusterVision did an excellent job in designing, delivering and implementing the cluster. The Bright Cluster Manager software makes the management and monitoring of the cluster very efficient and easy, and it offers a clear insight into the status of the cluster at all times."

The supercomputer runs Bright Cluster Manager - Advanced Edition, which is a Linux-based cluster management software solution that has built-in functionality for large and complex clusters, such as failover head nodes and multiple load-balancing provisioning nodes. Bright Cluster Manager's wide range of monitoring and management functionality, combined with its easy-to-use command line and graphical user interfaces, will save the system administrators at the university substantial time in operating the cluster. The cluster will also run ScaleMP software to serve the needs for applications that require large amounts of memory, as well as the Fraunhofer Global Filesystem (FhGFS).

About the University of Groningen
The University of Groningen has a long academic tradition extending back to 1614, which makes Groningen the oldest university in the Netherlands after Leiden. Many very talented people in a variety of disciplines have studied or worked at the university during the 390 years of its existence, including a Nobel Prize winner, the first female University student in the Netherlands and the first female lecturer, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Bank. They share their academic roots with more than 200,000 other people who have attended the University of Groningen as students, lecturers or research workers.

About ClusterVision
ClusterVision is specialist in the design, implementation and support of small- and large-scale computer clusters. Their clustering technology provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional supercomputers by connecting multiple computers to form a unified powerful computing system. ClusterVision's team of experts has designed and built some of the largest and most complex computational, storage and database clusters in Europe. With a background in applied scientific research and practical experience with a wide range of HPC technologies, the team understands customers' requirements and provides tailor-made solutions. ClusterVision has offices in Amsterdam, Gloucester (UK), Munich, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Oslo and Madrid.

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The new supercomputer at the University of Groningen will be running Bright Cluster Manager — Advanced Edition


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