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24 November 2008

ClusterVision Features Five Times on TOP500 List of Supercomputers

ClusterVision, specialist in high performance compute, storage and database clusters, has built five clusters which feature on the latest edition of the prestigious TOP500 list of fastest computers in the world ( This means that ClusterVision has more systems on the list than any other European company. ClusterVision is also the only privately owned company in the world with this many systems on the list.

The five systems are:

  1. Position 86 - The University of Bristol (3360 processor cores, 37.6 TFLOPs peak performance)
  2. Position 200 - University College London (1992 processor cores, 24.4 TFLOPs peak performance)
  3. Position 234 - The University of Cambridge (2340 processor cores, 28.1 TFLOPs peak performance)
  4. Position 459 - CASPUR (2064 processor cores, 17.3 TFLOPs peak performance)
  5. Position 496 - The University of Gent (1568 processor cores, 15.7 TFLOPs peak performance)

The University of Cambridge originally entered the TOP500 list at position 20 and appears now for the 5th time. The University of Bristol and University College London appear on the list for the second time and entered the list at positions 66 and 99 respectively. CASPUR and the University of Gent debute on the list.

About the TOP500
The TOP500 List was created in 1993, and is updated twice a year (in June and November) to show the world's 500 fastest supercomputers as measured using the LINPACK parallel-processing benchmarking program.

About ClusterVision
ClusterVision is specialist in the design, implementation and support of small- and large-scale computer clusters. Their clustering technology provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional supercomputers by connecting multiple computers to form a unified powerful computing system. ClusterVision's team of experts has designed and built some of the largest and most complex computational, storage and database clusters in Europe. With a background in applied scientific research and practical experience with a wide range of HPC technologies, the team understands customers' requirements and provides tailor-made solutions. ClusterVision has offices in Amsterdam, Gloucester (UK), Munich, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Oslo and Madrid.

For more information
Dr ir Matthijs van Leeuwen
ClusterVision BV
Nieuw-Zeelandweg 15B
1045 AL Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 407 7550
Fax: +31 84 759 8389
m [dot] vanleeuwen [at] clustervision [dot] com

ClusterVision has five systems in the TOP500 list of fastest computers in the world.


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