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ClusterVision is a European hardware and software company that specializes in providing end-to-end High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions with its headquarters in The Netherlands. The company was co-founded by Alex Ninaber and Matthijs van Leeuwen in the year 2002 to provide solutions to deploy and manage high-performance computing clusters. Starting from a division in Compusys LTD in 1999 together with Dr. Paul Calleja (Director of Research Computing at Cambridge University), Ninaber and Calleja are known for being one of the first in Europe to build HPC clusters by using commodity hardware and open-source software. This novel approach introduced amongst others by Thomas Sterling and Donald Becker at NASA as Beowulf computing has revolutionized the high-performance industry. Ninaber and Calleja started experimenting with the concept of Beowulf computing at Birbeck College in 1998 as part of the research group of Dame Julia Goodfellow.

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Our History

Hailing from a computer science background and having prowess in HPC applications, the founders started the venture to meet the surging need for professional partners adept in the domain of HPC computations and applications. Universities and government research institutes were the early adopters for the technology, as the founders combined off the rack hardware with customized open-source software using their tailor-made environments. 

ClusterVision built one of its first supercomputers in the year 2003 for Manchester University, UK. The Linux-based supercomputer comprised 70 processors that were based on the then-new 64-bit AMD Opetron processors. The first use of this supercomputer developed by the company was made by the faculty of Chemistry at Manchester University to carry out simulations for molecular systems and chemical reactions. ClusterVision’s first cluster management software was developed in the year 2004, which was commercially made available in 2008 under the name of ClusterVisionOS v4.

In 2009, the company had its spin-off into a separate entity named Bright Computing. The software was renamed to Bright Cluster Manager, and the spun off company is now part of NVIDIA.

Acquisition by Taurus Group

In February 2019, ClusterVision was acquired by the Taurus Group, a large computer hardware distribution company that deals in selling computer components to produce Desktop PCs and Servers. With the financial strength of Taurus and several key ClusterVision employees, ClusterVision now trades as ClusterVision solutions, while it still operated under the name of ClusterVision. The development of its in-house cluster management software, TrinityX also gained a financial boost. The company now sees a great boom for its business in the field of supercomputers with the data explosion happening at an accelerated rate.

Our Customers

ClusterVision has clients in all major continents with a striking presence in the EMEA region. The company has clients in more than 10 vertical markets including automotive, healthcare, education, oil and gas, and life sciences. During our existence, ClusterVision has had more than 700 clients and installed more than 2000 projects. Some of our prominent customers include Volvo, Aramco, Shell, Michelin, Electrolux, Toyota, University of Cambridge, and Astron. 

Milestones & Accomplishments

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TOP500 Installations
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Years of Experience

The Top500, initiated in 1993, ranks the world’s most powerful supercomputers using the Linpack Benchmark, evaluating their capacity to solve linear equations. Rankings are updated biannually in June and November, with entry dependent on the ability to solve equations using the floating-point arithmetic units. The Top500’s analysis of two decades of high-performance computing trends aids in predicting advancements. ClusterVision’s significant installations include partnering with Dell in 2006 to secure 20th place for Europe’s fastest x86 HPC cluster at Cambridge University. In 2010, their supercomputer Millipede ranked 414th at RUG, followed by Tetralith’s 75th rank in 2015 and 2018 with a Linpacl performance of 2969.19 TFlop/s. A remarkable achievement was the 2014 setup of Vienna Scientific Cluster’s oil-cooled VSC-3 at TU Wien, marking the world’s first completely oil-submerged supercomputing and earning ClusterVision 85th place in the Top500.

Products and Services

ClusterVision is a name well known for combining ground-breaking hardware along with state-of-the-art software to deploy, manage and support HPC clusters and providing reliable support solutions. The company provides hardware solutions which are innovatively engineered to deploy turnkey clusters or tailor-made clusters for the customers’ complex HPC needs. The hardware can deliver the highest performance as it integrates strong compute, storage and GPUs, backed with services and remote admin support. ClusterVision provides an end-to-end service right from the hardware installations to ensuring that the cluster remains functional even from a remote location. 

The company also specialises in fully equipped and technologically advanced software solution that meets all their clients’ HPC needs. 

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Trinity X

In 2013, ClusterVision started developing its new cluster management software environment TrinityX. Unlike the Bright Cluster Manager, it was decided to completely open source the software using the GPL 2.0 for all developed software. Initially based onOpenStack, it was decided in 2016 to abandon this path and start from scratch using a torrent-based approach for Exascale scaling. The code was released for production in 2017. TrinityX has been meticulously developed by the company’s in-house technical team, which boasts of supreme performance even while managing the most complicated HCPC computations of the clients. 

Frameworks &

ClusterVision has been certified by BSI for ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, and ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. We have an excellent track record when it comes to ISO certifications. It holds our internal management and reporting processes to the highest standards.