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ClusterVision 1000 white

Scalable storage solution for HPC that delivers on performance and reliability

Based on the increasing storage demands from our customers, we developed our own storage solution that meets these demands. ClusterVault is a reliable and scalable solution built with industry proven hardware and an open source software stack.

By choosing ClusterVault, you profit from the full range of services we can provide on top of the hardware solution.

It can be delivered as a standalone storage solution with services on top, or having ClusterVault fully integrated into a ClusterVision HPC cluster. Various after-sales services are available, like configuration, support, and trainings.


Compatible with BeeGFS, NFS, and Lustre parallel file system solutions.

Available interconnects are Mellanox EDR, HDR, Omni-Path, and 10/100/200G.

Based on open source tools, such as ZFS, Zabbix for monitoring, and TrinityX for deployment.

No single point of failure; ClusterVault natively supports high availability.

A fully scalable solution. It is highly customisable, with fast deployment and reliable performance. Compatible with industry standards because it uses proven hardware.

Scalable size from 69 TB to 3,770 TB in a 44 or 60 disks enclosure.