ClusterVision can build HPC clusters that utilise 3d X-Point Technology providing world class performance, flexibility and cost savings

The Intel® Optane™ DC P4800X provides a new storage tier that breaks through the bottlenecks of traditional NAND storage to accelerate applications and enable more work to get one per server. This unique capability means in HPC, we can explore three key use cases, including caching, fast storage, and extended memory.

Caching and fast storage refer to the tiering and layering that support a better memory-to-storage hierarchy. The Intel® Optane™ SSD facilitates dynamic placement of data that enables fast access to both read and/or write data. In addition, this high performing SSD meets the requirement of an application to accelerate storage access.

An Intel Optane SSD can also extend memory, offering bigger or more affordable memory by participating in a shared memory pool with DRAM at either the OS or application level. Bigger memory dramatically increases the size of ‘working sets’ to enable new insights from data in growing segments such as scientific computing, healthcare and autonomous driving. More affordable memory means HPC Clusters can use Intel® Optane™ SSDs to displace some DRAM.

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