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Accelerate your business results and discover new findings in record-breaking time

With Nvidia DGX AI Infrastructure

The Personal Supercomputer for Leading-Edge AI Development

Your data science team depends on computing performance to gain insights, and innovate faster through the power of deep learning and data analytics. Until now, AI super computing was confined to the data center, limiting the experimentation needed to develop and test deep neutral networks prior to training to scale. Now there’s a solution, offering the power to experiment with deep learning while brining AI supercomputing performance within arms’s reach. 

Groundbreaking AI, at Your Desk

Now you can get the computing capacity of 400 CPU’s, in a workstation that conveniently fits under your desk, drawing less than 1/20th the power. NVIDIA DGX Station delivers incredible deep learning and analytics perfromance, designed for the office and whisper quite with only 1/10th the noise of other work stations. Data scientists and AI researchers can instantly boost their productivity with a workstation that includes access to optimized deep learning software and runs popular analytics software. 

Get Started in Deep Learning, Faster

DGX Station breaks through the limitations of building your own deep learning platform. You could spend a month or longer, procuring, integrating, and testing hardware and software. Then additional expertise and effort are needed to optimise frameworks, libraries, and drivers. That’s valuable time and money spent on systems integration and software engineering that could be spent on training and experimenting

NVIDIA DGX Station is designed to kickstart your AI initiative, with a streamlined plug-in and power-up experience that can have you training deep neural networks in just one day.

Nvidia DGX

System Specifications

Productivity That Takes You from Desk to Data Center

Deep Learning platfroms require software engineering expertise to keep today’s framewroks optimized for maximum perfromance, with time spent waiting on stable versions of open source software. This means hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, dwarfing the initial hardware cost.

NVIDIA DGX Station includes the same software stack found in all DGX solutions. This innovative, integrated system includes access to popular deep learning frameworks, updated monthly, each optimized by NVIDIA engineers for maximized performance. It also includes access to NVIDIA DIGITS deep learning training application, third-party accelerated solutions, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK (e.g. cuDNN, cuBLAS, NCCL), CUDA Toolkit, and NVIDIA drivers. 

Built on container technology powered by NVIDIA DOcker, this unified deep learning software stack simplifies workflow, saving you days in re-compilation time when you ned to scale your work and deploy your models in the data center or cloud. The same workload running on DGX Station can be effortlessly migrated to a DGX-1 or the cloud, without modification.

Supercomputing Performance, at Your Desk

DGX Station brings the incredible performance of an AI supercomputer in a workstation form factor that takes advantage of innovative engineering and a water-cooled system that tuns whisper-quiet. The NVIDIA DGX station packs 480 TeraFLOPS of performance, with the first and only workstation built on four NVIDIA Tesla V100 accelerators, including innovations like next gengeration NVLink and new Tensor Core architecture. This ground-breaking solution offers:
– 47X the performance for deep learning training, compared with CPU-based servers.

– 100X in speed-up on large data set analysis, compared with a 20 node Spark server cluster

– 5X increase in bandwidth compared to PCIe with NVIDIA NVLink technology

– Maximized versatility with deep learning training and over 30,000 images/second inferencing

DGX Station C2 Eg 1

Investment Protection

With DGX Station, you get enterprise grade support with access to NVIDIA deep learning expertise, a library of expert training, software upgrades and updates, and priority resolution of your critical issues – all in one place.