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ClusterVision specialises in the total life-cycle design, deployment, and operation of HPC clusters. Support plays a vital role in this.

To ensure optimal performance and availability, we offer first grade support services through our highly skilled team of engineers. We aim to enhance your return on investment by providing the specialised skills and resources required throughout the cluster life-cycle.

As a specialist in cluster solutions, we can offer support packages tailored to your specific requirements and usage of your cluster. Our support offerings are designed to reflect the different degrees of importance in the infrastructural hierarchy, from mission-critical to non-critical. This allows our customers to assign a support and warranty package with a high level of service to the mission-critical components, and a lower service level to the non-critical components, therefore achieving an optimum balance of service versus cost.

Clustervision Support

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Support Packages

Next Business Day

Our next business day support package is available for most of the hardware we supply. This package is the most cost effective option for sites where IT staff are used to looking after the systems. If a component fails, we will ship a new one to you within 24 hours from diagnosis, and we will ask you to fit this.

The advantage to you is that you do not need to make an appointment to grant an engineer access to your site, and can schedule the repair when you want to do it. Should the issue require a repair that cannot be effected through the replacement of a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) then we will send you a complete replacement system.

Next Business Day Pro

If you do not mind changing CRU’s but prefer an engineer when a more critical failure occurs, the Next Business Day Pro package is ideal. This service level relies on spares shipments for basic faults such as PSU or disk failure, but if a more critical component such as a switch or motherboard fails, an on-site engineer will replace the failed component and get your system up again. This service also includes software and firmware updates by our engineers as well as on-site analysis for more complex faults that are hard to diagnose from remote.

Next Business Day Pro Plus

For a complete care package we recommend the Next Business Day Pro Plus option. An engineer will be on-site one day after problem determination and will replace CRU’s or take any action to ensure your system is repaired as soon as possible. As part of this package we will also apply software and firmware updates for you when required.

Next Business Day Tier 1

Many of our clusters are based on hardware supplied by Tier 1 hardware vendors such as Dell, IBM and Fujitsu. If you have such a cluster we recommend that as a minimum you take the Next Business Day Tier 1 support option. It can often be hard to determine which component is faulty before you call out a Tier 1 engineer.

With this support option we will help you by remotely diagnosing the hardware and telling you which information the Tier 1 support line will need. It is then your responsibility to open and track the support ticket, but at least you can be sure you are asking the right questions about the right hardware.

Meet the Team

The support team comprises HPC enthusiasts from a range of Computing, Science & Engineering backgrounds. All are highly skilled in Linux and hardware diagnosis and have a wide experience in solving technical issues efficiently and effectively. We encourage people to develop their own open source solutions.

Our offerings are built in a modular fashion, providing a range of support and warranty packages which can be cost-effectively matched to customers’ individual circumstances, and which are easily scaled as requirements develop.

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