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Learn the tips and tricks of HPC

To get the most out of your HPC installation it is important that your users know exactly how to use it in the most efficient way possible. Knowledge is the driving force behind your discovery.

Our highly skilled engineers can train your staff on a wide variety of topics. We can tailor our training programs and workshops to fit what your staff needs to know. From applications to basic HPC training, everything is covered.

Through our technology partners we can also offer your organisation targeted workshops. These could be done on and off site, whatever fits your schedule and demands.

Introduction to HPC

What is high performance computing? How do you get the most out of HPC? What can HPC mean for your organisation and how to best utilise it? This training covers the A-Zs of high performance computing. We can tailor this training to a technical or a non-technical crowd.

Linux Training

From Suse Linux to Scientific Linux or Red Hat, we can create a training for you on the management, installation, configuration, maintenance, and application usage on Linux.

BeeGFS Training

In cooperation with our partner ThinkParQ, we offer a training that focuses on what BeeGFS is and how it works. BeeGFS is one of the leading parallel file systems used in HPC. ClusterVision has been working together with ThinkParQ since day one, and has installed many BeeGFS installations all over Europe.

TrinityX Training

Want to know more about our TrinityX cluster eco-system and how to get the most out of it? Our development team can tailor either a high-level or very in-depth overview of TrinityX and how you can use it to accelerate your discovery.

Do you have a specific training demand? Let us know and we can create a customised training or workshop to fit your exact need.